Soursop with Ceylon Leafy Green 50g


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Pan roasted Ceylon high grown leafy green tea is produced at one of the best tea growing regions on earth. This tea is crafted from selectively hand picked leaves to insure they remain free from impurities. It is then lightly processed to enhance the distinct natural citrus notes. Giri master tea tasters blend this tea with soursop for you to experience its tropical, fruity, sweet-sour taste. All of our teas are fresh-packed at Lumbini Valley to ensure consistent quality and taste!

Infusion: Pale green with fruit pieces

Brew: Invigorating crisp fusion of rainforest honey taste with bold notes of soursop

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Serving Size
1 Tsp / 2g
Water Temp
170°F / 75°C
Steep Time
2-4 Minutes


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Rave reviews!
Written by Lisa T on Apr 16th 2018

Have shared this tea with others and we all agree it's a winner! Good flavor and no bitterness.

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