Ceylon Premium White Tea 25g


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This signature Ceylon premium white tea is grown and processed exclusively at Lumbini Valley in limited quantities. The unique artisanal tea is produced from a rare (purple tea) variety of Camellia Sinensis. White tea consists of selectively handpicked, tender two leaves and a hairy silver bud and releases the least amount of caffeine of all teas. Giri’s master tea makers carefully monitor the lightly processed tea leaves as they are dried, to enhance the health benefits and textures of the tea. These extremely rare white leaves and bud release a smooth, sublime flavor to the cup, bringing out the best traits of premium white tea. All of our teas are fresh-packed at Lumbini Valley to ensure consistent quality and taste!

Infusion: Pale jungle green

Brew: Pale, sweet with perfume flowery notes

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Serving Size
1 Tsp / 2g
Water Temp
175° F / 80° C
Steep Time
2-4 Minutes


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