Ceylon Leafy Green 100g


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High grown, pan-roasted, pure, unblended Ceylon Leafy Green tea is produced in one of the best tea growing regions on earth. This artisanal green tea is made from selectively handpicked leaves and lightly processed to enhance the natural fresh-wood smoky character in every cup. Ceylon Green Leafy tea is created by Giri’s master tea tasters for you to indulge in the unique light-bodied taste of single origin pure Ceylon unblended green tea. All of our teas are fresh-packed at Lumbini Valley to ensure consistent quality and taste!

Infusion: Even green

Brew: Pale brew, tropical fruity taste with a hint of fresh wood smoke

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Serving Size
1 Tsp / 2g
Water Temp
170°F / 75°C
Steep Time
2-4 Minutes


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