Lumbini Sinharaja Wiry Tips FBOPF ExSp / 50g


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Our most awarded tea! This unique wiry tea is crafted in limited quantities exclusively by our team of DALU Tea Masters, in the Valley of Lumbini. Pure, handpicked, garden fresh Lumbini tea leaves are used to produce this rare Sinharaja Wirytips tea. This signature product has made Lumbini and Ceylon proud by winning many gold awards at many global competitions. All of our teas are fresh-packed at Lumbini Valley to ensure consistent quality and taste... enjoy!

Infusion: Beautiful harmonious bronze

Brew: Pale copper in a cup with Plumeria notes

  • First Place, Gold Medal Tea Competition, 2013, Canada
  • Best Black Tea, HKTDC International Tea Fair, 2015, Hong Kong
  • Specialty Tea of the Year, 2006, Sri Lanka
  • Specialty Tea of the Year, 2005, Sri Lanka
  • Specialty Tea of the Year Runner Up, Specialty Tea Institute, 2008, USA
  • Gold Award Tea of the Year, 2002, USA
  • Gold Award Ceylon Specialty Tea of the Year, 2015, Dubai, UAE
  • First Place Gold Medal Tea Competition Award, 2016, North America
  • All Time Record Charity Auction Bid for a Ceylon Tea, 2015, Dubai, UAE
  • First Place Fall Hot Loose Tea Orthodox, World Tea Expo, 2017, USA
  • First Place, Best Hot Black Tea, World Tea Expo, 2018, USA
  • First Place, Best Hot Unique Open Class Tea, World Tea Expo, 2018, USA
Package Size *
Serving Size
1 Tsp / 2g
Water Temp
212° F / 100° C
Steep Time
3-5 Minutes


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