Lumbini Handmade Tea-Manjary · Rose 25g


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Our team of DALU Master Tea Artisans, in the Valley of Lumbini, carefully spin the tender leaf just below the bud to form these delicate wild roses and achieve the color and taste of refined, sweet pale honey with a hint of wildflowers. While brewing, this tea forms a coppery, dew coated morning bloom. This tea is exclusively produced in limited quantities. Manjary was awarded Best Innovation at SIAL MIDDLE EAST, Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2015.

Infusion: Coppery, dew coated morning bloom

Brew: Sweet, pale honey color with a hint of wildflowers

  • "Best Innovation" 2015, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Serving Size
1 Tsp / 2g
Water Temp
212° F / 100° C
Steep Time
3-5 Minutes


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