Lumbini Black Strings OP1 100g


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These beautiful thin wiry black strings are exclusively crafted by the our team of DALU Tea Masters, in the Valley of Lumbini. Pure, handpicked, garden fresh Lumbini Tiny Strings, between the bud and the leaf, are twisted to perfection to produce this international award winning tea. All of our teas are fresh-packed at Lumbini Valley to ensure consistent quality and taste... enjoy!

Infusion: Coppery long strands

Brew: Bright reddish cup. A fresh, crisp take with a fine bouquet

  • Gold Award as “Estate of the Year” Award Ceremony, 2002, USA
  • Silver Award for “Ceylon Specialty of the Year” 2010, Japan
  • Silver Award for “Ceylon Specialty of the Year” 2015, Dubai, UAE
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Serving Size
1 Tsp / 2g
Water Temp
212° F / 100° C
Steep Time
3-5 Minutes


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